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Find your voice!


Communications workshops can be customized to meet your needs.  I have worked with groups of tweens, teens and adults to help them gain confidence when presenting in public or to help them learn how to communicate better in work or personal settings. I can work with you to organize a group or work one-on-one on a speech you have coming up.  The skills to become a better speaker are at your fingertips.


One on One workshop: Meeting in your home or office, I can go over your speech or presentation to determine its effectiveness, discuss the fundamentals of good public speaking, drill the skills and record you so you can see how you are coming across.


Communication Styles Workshops:  Meeting in your office or a professional space, I can offer your group a workshop on determining your individual communication style and discuss why you may have difficulty communicating with those whose style is different from your own.  I can then help you determine how to get out of your own way and communicate with others more effectively to positively impact your personal and professional relationships.


Public Speaking workshops for Tweens and Teens:  Meeting in your home or a professional space, I will work with the group on crafting a good speech or presentation, I will discuss the fundamentals of good public speaking, and help reduce the fear and anxiety around speaking in public.  I will work with each age group individually and customize the workshop to meet the needs of that particular group to help them feel confident and to find their voice.


Please contact me for pricing on any of the above workshops.