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Communication Styles Workshops: 

I have worked with Sara Bakker and highly recommend her in helping you identify your own communication strengths and personal orientation to tasks and/or people.  This is incredibly valuable information to help you communicate effectively in meetings, with your family and friends and even with your children.  Once you understand the nuances of whether you are a people or task oriented person, you can also learn what the respective strengths are for each.  This works not only for you, but for you in understanding another’s communication style.  Sara is a wonderful leader and presents this material with clarity, humor and conviction.  She is a true professional in helping us communicate effectively.

– Kathleen Johnston, Workshop Leader


Sara has been masterful helping to prepare members of our church to speak in front of our congregation.  Not only does Sara help speakers technically so that they are heard and well-recieved, she also effectively encourages the self confidence of the people she works with so they are able to offer their very best self to their listeners.  Sara has been particularly effective working with our youth before they present to our church.  Sara is an excellent voice and communication coach.  Best of all, Sara is fun to work with – the folks she trains love learning from her.  Sara’s work is a blessing to our congregation.

– Reverend Chapin Garner, New Canaan Congregational Church


Sara Bakker is fantastic.  I highly recommend her Communication Styles workshop.  An effective speaker who delivers research-based personality type training with self-deprecating humor and concrete examples really resonates with participants. Sara helps individuals  become more self aware and learn how best to work with others, too. I have had the privilege of participating in many of Sara’s workshops and find them engaging, informative, and enjoyable every single time.

-Tammie Garner
Director of Professional Development
Jackson Lewis P.C.

One on One Public Speaking Coaching:

In just one hour, Sara granted me the advice and assurance I needed to present to a large group for the first time in over a decade.  I went into the talk feeling grounded and positive–and the results reflected just that. Not only did Sara hand me the tools to effectively share what I wanted to with the audience, she’s gifted me the confidence to accept and enjoy such opportunities in the future. Anyone at any age can benefit from a coaching session with Sara!

-Laura Prior, New Canaan

Sara knows how to quickly improve presentation skills for anyone who needs to share an idea with an audience – regardless of age or experience of the presenter.

-Diana Beecher, Retired Senior Director of the NY Metropolitan
Transportation Authority Business Services Center
Retired  Chief Information Officer, Travelers Insurance